FAQ on the LDS Church's stance on Prop 2

August 28, 2018

An FAQ from Connor Boyack, Treasurer of the Utah Patients Coalition and longtime advocate for medical cannabis in Utah.

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Without medical cannabis in Utah, this family faces an “impossible choice”

August 16, 2018

Parents of Holden Cromar, an 11-year-old boy with a traumatic seizure disorder, recently explained to reporters that they face an “impossible choice.” They can stay in Utah — the home they know and love — while they watch Holden suffer from agonizing seizures. Or, they can move to Colorado, where they can access effective cannabis treatments that drastically improve his condition.

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Dozens of Utahns poisoned by fake cannabis oil

June 24, 2018

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that at least 52 Utahns from October 2017 through January 2018 experienced severe sickness as a result of ingesting a product claiming to contain cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive compound produced by the cannabis plant.

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Libertas Institute debunks the LDS Church’s medical cannabis memo

May 16, 2018

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently published a list of perceived “legal issues” regarding the Utah Medical Cannabis Act. Written by Kirton McConkie, a law firm hired by the LDS Church, the piece contains more fictions than facts.

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Opponents of medical cannabis resort to desperate tactics

May 16, 2018

Drug Safe Utah, the group opposing the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, is coming under increasing scrutiny for their unethical — and possibly illegal — attempts to keep Utahns from having the opportunity to vote on medical cannabis this November.

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The Salt Lake Tribune defends medical cannabis

April 18, 2018

In a recent editorial, Utah’s largest daily newspaper takes the side of patients and their need to safely access medical cannabis.

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New survey: 77% of Utah voters favor medical cannabis

March 29, 2018

As the UPC campaign closes in on gathering the remaining signatures needed to put medical cannabis on the ballot, a new poll finds an overwhelming number of voters backing the initiative.

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New research confirms medical cannabis laws do not increase teen use

February 26, 2018

In another peer-reviewed study, researchers have found that states allowing cannabis for medical purposes do not see a subsequent increase in cannabis use among teenagers.

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AG Sessions is wrong: cannabis is an “exit way” not a “gateway” to opioids

February 16, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly blamed cannabis for the crisis of opioid addiction and overdose, despite mounting scientific evidence that the opposite is true.

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The legislature should step aside on medical cannabis

February 15, 2018

Robert Gehrke of The Salt Lake Tribune is taking the Utah legislature to task for attempting to derail citizen-initiated efforts like our campaign to legalize medical cannabis.

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