Our campaign to put medical cannabis on the ballot in 2018 has made a lot of progress in just a couple of months. Here’s a roundup of all the most important stories.

1. In June our campaign kicked off with a powerful start. After holding a press conference with patients and parents sharing moving stories about the need for medical cannabis, we submitted our initiative to the Lt. Governor.  Read more:

2. Multiple recent polls of Utah voters show strong support for medical cannabis. Read more:

3. In July, members of our coalition hit the road to present our initiative to voters around the state. At these events, advocates shared stories and took questions from local residents. Read more: 

4. Since our campaign began, more and more prominent Utahns and major newspapers have lent support to our initiative. Jon Huntsman Sr., Congresswoman Mia Love, and The Salt Lake Tribune have offered positive comments in favor of medical cannabis. Read more:

5. In August, the Utah Patients Coalition received approval from the Lt. Governor to begin gathering the more than 113,000 signatures necessary to put medical cannabis on the ballot in 2018. Read more:

6. Utah patients and families are sharing their stories about how medical cannabis has improved their lives. These powerful narratives are the reason our initiative is so important. Read more:

7. In July, the Governor’s Office of Budget and Management issued a fiscal analysis of our medical cannabis initiative. Unfortunately, the analysis included some misleading statements, which our ally Chuck Warren addressed in an article published in The Salt Lake Tribune. Read more: