As the UPC campaign closes in on gathering the remaining signatures needed to put medical cannabis on the ballot, a new poll finds an overwhelming number of voters backing the initiative. Nearly half (46%) of respondents said they “strongly” support legalizing medical cannabis while another third (31%) were “somewhat” supportive. Only 21% were opposed.

The survey, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, indicates that the medical cannabis initiative is polling well among all religious and political groups. According to the report:

  • Two out of three “very active” Mormons support medical cannabis;

  • Republicans largely back the petition as well, with 67% in favor and 31% opposed;

  • By a landslide, Democrats support it 91% to 7%; and

  • Independents are also in favor by a large margin, 84% to 13%.

These results demonstrate that the state legislature is clearly out of step with the will of most Utahns. Fortunately, in November, voters will have a chance to show patients struggling with debilitating illnesses the compassion they deserve.

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