In a recent editorial, Utah’s largest daily newspaper sides with patients and their need to safely access medical cannabis. The piece cites overwhelming public approval, the potential to curb the opioid crisis, and the proven safety of medical cannabis as reasons for their support.

The Tribune takes opponents of medical cannabis to task for their misleading statements and lampoons their attempts at fear-mongering. In response to a claim from the board of the Utah Medical Association that medical cannabis will “compromise the health and safety of Utah communities,” the editorial point out that patients will access medical cannabis from safe and tightly regulated dispensaries.

The editorial authors then write sarcastically, “Imagine those people bringing their medicine back to our neighborhoods! Where our schools are! Pretty soon the respectables will move out and dark corners will be crowded with overturned trash cans, homemade fires and deadbeat addicts on the prowl.”

The piece also mentions a recent fact-check of the UMA statement published by the Standard-Examiner, which found several of the assertions to be “misleading, even downright false in some respects.” Gov. Gary Herbert, who has often repeated the myth that medical cannabis will lead to recreational use, is also called out.

It is encouraging to see The Tribune putting forward such a strong defense of Utahns suffering from debilitating health conditions. The paper is certainly on the right side, morally and historically. Referring to survey data showing that three quarters of Utahns back the UPC initiative, the editorial concludes, “The people of Utah … will continue to lead out on this important issue.”

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