The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently published a list of perceived “legal issues” regarding the Utah Medical Cannabis Act. Written by Kirton McConkie, a law firm hired by the LDS Church, the piece contains more fictions than facts. Thankfully, the Libertas Institute, a libertarian advocacy organization with a history of promoting sensible medical cannabis policy in Utah, has provided a thorough defense of the initiative in a point-by-point rebuttal.

The 17-page analysis from Libertas identifies a number of misleading statements and outright falsehoods in the memo. For example, the LDS Church and their lawyers claim the Act would allow homegrown cannabis. As Libertas points out, however, the initiative “specifically states that cannabis plants may not be grown in residential areas.”

Much of the Kirton McConkie memo consists of familar fear-tactics rather than substantive policy critiques. Libertas also pointed out that the timing of the document’s release seems more motivated by an urgency to bolster the opposition’s signature removal campaign than a good faith effort to identify real policy issues.

Read the full rebuttal from the Libertas Institute here: