Drug Safe Utah, the group opposing the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, is coming under increasing scrutiny for their unethical — and possibly illegal — attempts to keep Utahns from having the opportunity to vote on medical cannabis this November. The Utah Patients Coalition is now pursuing legal action and may sue the opposition campaign.

The recent developments center around Drug Safe Utah’s effort to remove petition signatures needed to put the medical cannabis initiative on the ballot. According to a leaked talking points document and other reports, it appears the opposition group is using deception to achieve their goal. In a video that recently surfaced, a canvasser purporting to represent the Utah Medical Association (UMA), a member of the Drug Safe Utah coalition, is heard making several false statements as she tries to convince a voter to remove her signature from the initiative petition.

On Monday, medical cannabis opponents took another step demonstrating their desperation. In a move that Channel 2 KUTV deemed “unusual,” members of Drug Safe Utah showed up to the home of Davis County Clerk Curtis Koch at 11 p.m., despite the fact that Clerk Koch told them they could not drop off name removal forms after hours.

A recent letter to opponents from Utah Patient Coalition’s counsel outlines the grounds on which medical cannabis backers could take legal action against them. It also raises other troubling questions about medical cannabis opponents. “[I]t appears that the Drug Enforcement Agency’s affiliation with Drug Safe Utah places them in direct and continuing violation of federal law,” wrote attorney Kory Langhofer.

Their pattern of unethical, and potentially illegal, behavior shows that Drug Safe Utah will stop at nothing to deny patients and their families the compassion they deserve. The Utah Patients Coalition is determined to overcome these underhanded efforts.