Parents of Holden Cromar, an 11-year-old boy with a traumatic seizure disorder, recently explained to reporters that they face an “impossible choice.” They can stay in Utah — the home they know and love — while they watch Holden suffer from agonizing seizures. Or, they can move to Colorado, where they can access effective cannabis treatments that drastically improve his condition.

For the Cromars, this dilemma is very real. The family recently decided to put their St. George home up for sale and move to Colorado. Holden’s father, David Cromar, told Fox 13, “It’s either we can’t give him what he needs because we have to fear the law, or we have to move.”

This story is heartbreaking, and it underscores why Proposition 2, the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, is so important. Families all across Utah are quietly suffering as they watch a loved one struggle with a serious medical condition that could be alleviated with medical cannabis.

Please make a contribution to support the Utah Patients Coalition. No family should have to face the impossible choice confronting the Cromars.

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