We need your help to collect signatures

In order to qualify our medical cannabis initiative for the 2018 ballot, we need to collect over 113,000 signatures from Utah voters across the state. And we need your help to do it.

We are looking for volunteers who can collect signatures from family, friends, colleagues and members of the community. Our campaign staff will equip you and train you either in-person or by phone.

Email info@utahpatients.org or fill out this form to join the campaign as a volunteer.

Every signature that a volunteer collects saves the campaign the cost of paying professional signature gatherers. This means that the campaign can dedicate its resources to the voter education and advertising needed to win a ballot initiative campaign.

If you’re ready to be a super-volunteer, the campaign is also looking for local Signature Coordinators who can assist other volunteers. Please email alex@utahpatients.org, and the campaign will be in touch.

Visit our Facebook events page for upcoming signature collecting events. Click here to view our volunteer guide for collecting signatures.

You can also contact a local campaign volunteer and arrange a meeting to sign. Email us to find your nearest local campaign volunteer.